Johnny’s Journey

Around two and a half years ago I was at a vee in the road, in life I mean. I had spendmy whole adult life working and my only hobby was partying, I lived overseas for 11 years, my uncle said when I was leaving “work hard and party harder” I done exactlythat for the […]

Meet Melissa Stone

I came to Waterford Warriors in 2018 because I was fed up with the conventional gym routine and wanted a change. Having played team sport all my life, I missed the social element to training and this appeared to be a big side to Waterford Warriors. Since joining waterford warriors i have achieved my initial […]

Waterford Warriors Vision and Mission

Waterford Warriors is an established business in the heart of Waterford. On the 23 rd of December 2020 our place of fitness will turn a mature 7 years old. In that short time the team has evolved, the facility has flourished into what has always been our vision of having the best training facility in […]