Waterford Warriors Vision and Mission

Waterford Warriors is an established business in the heart of Waterford.
On the 23 rd of December 2020 our place of fitness will turn a mature 7 years old.
In that short time the team has evolved, the facility has flourished into what has always been our vision of having the best training facility in the country. These four walls have grown into arguably one of the training hubs of the south east and we
plan on never letting up and continuing to lead by example.

We have hosted some of the best athletes behind these walls from Professional Rugby players, a host of Inter county senior and minor panel athletes, Olympians to our regular members who are the life blood to the gym and create that uniqueness that is Warriors. Our environment, which I truly believe motivated the highest level performers to push their own boundaries to new heights. I always recall how impressed these athletes were when they witnessed what we were doing on a weekly basis, and doing it for fun. Crazy I know.

We push the boundaries of what it means to be fit in modern day Ireland. We have raised the standard of what it means to be fit as we continually measure the gyms
athletic performance. We see new records being set in our testing protocols, we see health improving all the time in our health consultations as people invest and trust the process to being successful.

Life can get busy, we all can sometimes get caught up in the day to day madness. Over consumption of social media, other people’s problems, become frustrated with other people’s values when they don’t line up with our own. It can be hard to get yourself back on the right track when we meet a few speed bumps along our journey.

We have worked with many people over the years as we constantly try and elevate ourselves to new heights and to keep pushing the boundaries of our own expectations. We never want to stand still, and actively want to evolve from where we were 6 months ago, a year ago, five years from now. As a team we want to develop constantly to help support other people’s dreams be it with fitness, or in our own career path.

We get up to open our doors before the sun rises to accommodate the early risers of the gym. We actively aim to be the noisy neighbours of our estate to bring energy and positivity to anyone who walks through our door. We don’t close our big blue doors each day until late every evening to try and serve the most complex of working schedules.

We do this for the passion we all have to help people. We coach classes that have one
person in them, as if it were full. We always aim to bring a level of professionalism to our service to build confidence and trust in what we are trying to achieve. It’s not always the easiest thing to do to hold yourself to a high standard and can be a real pain in the ass when you are your own worst critic.

Why do we do it ???

Usually before you start any business there is a vision and mission. Your vision and mission statement is a guide that helps direct the future of your business. We have never been the type to follow the ‘norm’. When we were pinned down to writing our vision and mission statement, we found it quite difficult.

What is our vision?.. What is our mission?.. Where do we want to take Warriors in the
future? How will we have a lasting impact on the community? What do we stand for, and conversely, what we do not.
Initially we leaned on our values of honesty, compassion, inclusion, being emotionally
intelligent and being driven. We tried to use these values in order to draft our vision and mission statement, but we still felt like there was a piece of the puzzle missing.

We all knew what we wanted to achieve but found it hard to pin it down to anything
absolute. We came up with many versions, but ultimately we all have one common goal as a team. That is, to always put the client first and to help in the best way we know how.

Vision – Help you be successful
Mission – Be Successful

Being successful comes in many forms which is specific to the individual. Between members who are looking to improve their health markers such as a decrease in body fat percentage, to the athletes who is looking to compete at high levels. We want to be able to create an environment which is conducive to both of their success’. The environment which we are trying to create is from management, to team member, to client. We want our team to strive to be successful and aim to progress their career. We also want to be able to also support them in their journey to becoming a more successful health professional. When they become more successful themselves, they can then help you become more successful, which is our overall goal.

Collectively helping you be successful is our vision and to do that, our mission is to be
successful ourselves. Let us help you be successful.

Being successful for us is having the tools, time, equipment, education and environment that will need in order to evolve and to keep producing success..

What does Success look like for you??

Aim to Succeed


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