Your questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Waterford Warriors.

A. No at Waterford warriors everyone is treated equal and every workout can be modified to suit your current ability and fitness level! We offer a 3 tier program with options from beginner intermediate to advanced on each movement to ensure everyone can get the required stimulus of the workout. Our coaches are there to assist you in making the correct decision on which option to pick and will answer any question and concerns you might have throughout the class.
A. Our midweek opening hours are mon – Thursday 6am – 9pm, Friday 6am – 8pm Weekend opening hours are Saturday 7am-12pm, Sunday 10am -12pm.
A. We are primarily a group training faciality and believe training in a group offers a more enjoyable and sustainable experience. However there is some opportunity to use ‘open gym’ to get that extra bit of cardio, strength or accessory work done and these hours are limited as class will always take priority of the gym floor!
A. Yes there is 1 shower in each male and female changing room.
A. Yes we have access for wheelchair users and can cater for your fitness needs.
A. Yes we allow drop in’s please contact us for further details on booking in.