What are you made of?

The InBody 570 goes beyond traditional body composition analysis measuring fat, muscle and total body water. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water, values important for understand a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness and fitness contexts.
Non-Invasive, Pain-Free Testing.
Safe, low-level currents are sent through the body via hand and foot electrodes. The impedance the currents encounter are measured in order to derive body composition. InBody’s BIA technology provides accurate and consistent outputs that are highly correlated with gold standard methods.

What to expect from your scan?

Each InBody Test will print out a full-page results sheet detailing the muscle, fat, and water values of your body. The InBody 570 provides you with lean mass and fat values in each segment of the body to give you proper assessment of body composition.

Once the results sheet has printed one of our coaches will then sit down and explain the results and ask any questions you may have! 

Body Composition Analysis

See exactly what makes up your total body weight there is more to you than just muscle and fat.

Muscle-Fat Analysis

Here is where we can see how much skeletal muscle mass (SMM) and body fat (kg) you are carrying. Skeletal muscle mass is the muscle we build through training, This section also identifies how many kilograms of body fat mass is on your body while giving a bar chart of where you stand against the “norm” this information can be extremely  helpful for guiding your future training and nutrition plans.

Segmental Fat and Lean Mass Analysis

Identify how many pounds of lean mass are in each body segment. This can be used to determine how specific sports, injuries and exercises are affecting the body composition.

Injury Identification

Identify and track inflammation, swelling and even joint injuries with ECW/TBW Analysis. Monitor these changes over time in the Body Composition History chart.