Johnny’s Journey

Around two and a half years ago I was at a vee in the road, in life I mean. I had spend
my whole adult life working and my only hobby was partying, I lived overseas for 11 years, my uncle said when I was leaving “work hard and party harder” I done exactly
that for the whole 11 years, came home then but the the partying had development into dirty habits I’m afraid! So back to the vee in the road, I could continue the way I was going and burn out living fast.

I decided to put the breaks on the drinking smoking etc, so quit that stuff with the help of a few ”anonymous” people. I started going to crossfit classes a few times a week with a local guy called Aiden Barry. Aiden is brilliant and I still visit his shed every now and then but he only done the odd night and I wanted more so I got in contact with Eamon an old friend who I knew was into the same thing. He suggested coming down on Sunday mornings to the boot camps and I did, he done the first few with me and a few pals to settle us in.

I couldn’t believe the numbers in the room Sunday morning everyone in great form going hard, I had never seen anything like it! I knew this is where it was at. I kept going to Aiden’s shed and getting down to warriors whenever I could. I decided to join up and have been going to the classes 5-6 times a week since. I love the classes everyone going flat out pushing themselves and encouraging each other.

I started to push myself to try some competitions and came second in a scaled comp only short while after joining I was delighted, I was emotional goin home in the car after it thinking of where I had been physically and mentally especially not to long before it. I was absolutely delighted with where I was now and what I was doing for the first time in years. I’m aiming to do a few intermediate comps next year and I’d love to get a podium spot, up to about 2 and half years ago I pretty much hadn’t done any exercise since I was 15-16 so a massive turn around just by turning up and giving it 100% every day in the classes.


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Johnny’s Journey

Around two and a half years ago I was at a vee in the road, in life I mean. I had spendmy whole adult life

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