Thursday 12th November 6:30PM live online

In this seminar Coach Jay will cover the principles of nutrition as well as how variables we often view as not so important are now absolutely key in building nutritional habits to improve our health, enhance our recovery and change our body composition.
The seminar will cover the low hanging fruit we often forget about like quality sleep, stress management and overall enjoyment of the process.
Even though our facility has been forced to close for now, there are still so many variables within our control such as our decisions to keep active at home, our daily step count and how we spend our time
People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures. Learn how to build and engrain solid habits into your lifestyle that will lead to long term goal attainment and success.
Even though the current circumstances are not ideal, it is our mindset that turns obstacles into challenges and when we overcome them, it brings more wins along the process.
The seminar will conclude with a Q&A session and you will be able to get your questions in in advance of the seminar that will be covered.